Being Matthew’s [aching] mum…

By Lucie Gregory, Matthew’s mum … Someone once said, “The days are long when you have children, but the years are fast”. I never really thought much about it, but [...]

By Lucie Gregory, Matthew’s mum …

Someone once said, “The days are long when you have children, but the years are fast”.

I never really thought much about it, but I keep thinking how true that is.

The days ARE long and tiring but I can’t believe how quickly time is going, and Matthew will be five later this year.

It’s getting harder as he grows as he’s getting heavier and heavier. I used to worry about him not gaining weight, and now I worry about him putting weight on!

When they’re little you can throw them around, sit them on your knee, and have lots of lovely cuddles. But I’m dreading when I can’t lift him, or swing him around and make him giggle. I don’t want him in his chair or bed day and night, but I’m only as strong as I am.

I have impressive biceps, which I never had before (despite going to the gym when I was younger!) and lifting is good for the old bingo wings, but it’s my back that lets me down – it’s not getting stronger; it’s weaker. I have always had a bad back – it’s not just Matthew’s fault bless him.

I stoop over because I’m tall, and I have a bit of a ‘lurch’ complex, so always tried to appear shorter by rounding my shoulders – and dropping a hip. I’m OK with being tall now, but the damage has been done.


I’ve been speaking to lots of people this week; we’re all in the same boat with bad backs. We need a mobile masseuse to come to Footprints! I’m treating myself to a massage tomorrow. I can’t wait, but I know I will spend the whole time thinking of things I need to do when I get home (see my previous blog!). Hopefully, my back muscles WILL relax!

It’s important for mums, dads, and carers to look after themselves and take time to do something (like a massage). I know that diet has a lot to do with mood and energy – I try where I can, and keep thinking I must eat healthily to feel better (and be more awake).

However, I keep looking at the Danish butter cookie tin, and the leftover Christmas chocolates – and I’ve not started the ‘my body is temple ‘ mindset yet!

And dry January – what was that?!

Footprints Conductive Education Centre is a small charity based in Nottingham.

To find out more about their work visit and to see how you can support them, please see their ‘support us’ page

They make such a difference to the lives of children with disabilities AND their parents and families – it really is life-transforming. If you are a company seeking to support a local charity making a difference in the local community, please get in touch. They need £200,000 every year to help families like mine.

*Thanks for reading Lucie’s blog. If you would like to contact Lucie, please email [email protected] and it will be forwarded to her.


  1. I know exactly how this is. I just lay on the floor when I can to show some care to my back. As soon as I’ve laid down either the oven starts beeping as dinner is ready or Daddy comes home and thinks I’ve been there all day! I worry for the future of it and what that may mean for Mira, if I can’t lift her. The equipment we have to manage too as part of all this. The chairs and buggies built like tanks. The standing, walking frames, splints, gaiters that need to go with Mira too. All the impossible bolts to undo to adjust to the most functional position. Nevermind trying to keep these things clean with many nooks and crannies. We try to make a game out of everything with my girls which helps (sometimes)

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