We are in extraordinary times, and we know many of the families using our services will be worried about the impact on their children without access to our centre, as [...]

We are in extraordinary times, and we know many of the families using our services will be worried about the impact on their children without access to our centre, as well as for their future development and well-being.

We want to reassure you that Footprints’ Board of Trustees have been working with our fantastic staff at Footprints CEC to develop policies which we hope will see our charity through these unique and turbulent times and to share that information with you.

Our 1st priority is to our families who need the support of Conductive Education [CE] now more than ever. Staff have developed novel ways to teach CE, and we know some families have already been extremely positive about our virtual classrooms which have started.  During this lockdown period, we aim to continue and increase our virtual classrooms to support groups and individuals as well as helping them to keep practising CE at home. We hope this service will help with mental well-being in these stressful times. We can all adapt and learn, and hopefully, everyone can take away some new ideas for the future. Whilst carers and children will miss the personal interaction; we hope they will have fun enjoying learning differently.

We have also looked at our financial position. Sadly, we have no alternative but to reduce the number of staff by putting some of them on furlough during this crisis. This has been a difficult decision, but the furlough provision from the Government is there to ensure business and charities can reduce overheads in the short term to strengthen their finances in the longer term. As soon as we can increase our services, we will be reviewing this decision, but you will understand the situation is continually changing.

The Board of Trustees has also considered our overall financial position as a charity. We face the same situation as many charities struggling to fundraise while income is rapidly reducing. Everyone who is passionate about Footprints CEC must consider new ways to bring in money so we can continue to employ staff to provide a service remotely. Please please do all you can to support us  – our social media has ideas and information for you to share with everyone you know. We think fundraising is so vital that we have kept our fundraiser in place to help secure the future of Footprints CEC. We appreciate anything that you can do to help us achieve this.

Lastly, we would like to recognise the hard work and commitment of all our staff, including those working behind the scenes. While most of you only meet the education team, without the management, fundraising, communication and back-office staff, who have been working tirelessly over these last few weeks, we would not have been able to continue our service.

As well as the Board of Trustees, many of our ambassadors have also been thinking of new ways to support us and we are extremely grateful to them. We are here to fight for the future of Footprints CEC. We are confident that we will overcome this challenge with our amazing staff, Trustees and ambassadors working together.

Alison Brooks

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