Family Challenge helps celebrate Conductive Education Awareness Week from 15th – 21st March.

Family Challenge helps celebrate Conductive Education Awareness Week from 15th – 21st March.

To join in, decide on a challenge for your child (or your whole family).  Choose something you would like your child to achieve, no matter how big or small, because it will always be AMAZING to you.

Suggestions include: learn to drink from a straw, learn three shapes, sit unaided, eat something they don’t usually like, learn how to wave, brush their teeth – anything that is a challenge for them but equally achievable! If you would like to, please speak to your Footprints key-worker about your idea; you will have until 21st March to work on it with your little one.

We would love to see photos and videos (or words if you prefer) for us to share your challenges and successes on social media – we want to raise awareness of Conductive Education and share positivity in these difficult times. We’re hoping other CE centres will do the same with their families.

If you need additional motivation and would like friends and family to sponsor either your child’s (or your) challenge, then we would love to receive donations on the Just Giving page: 

Our aim is for families to join in and celebrate Conductive Education, so fundraising for Footprints is not an expectation (but we would not say no to a few £s raised – any support will be gratefully received!).

Children will receive a medal and a certificate at an awards ceremony (details TBA). This party will celebrate Family Challenge achievements, including other remarkable achievements and fundraising activities during the pandemic.

If you use social media to broadcast your challenge, please use the hashtags #FamilyChallenge21 #ConductiveEducation and #thesekidsCAN. Footprints and other CE centres will use these too, and you can be involved in one big CE awareness celebration!

Email details of your challenges to, and don’t forget to share photos, videos and words with us too!

Thank you for taking part and remember to have fun!

Take a look at Joseph’s motivational video 

Here are some of our intrepid challengees and their mighty challenges!

Oliver –  To use the potty
Alistair – To use the toilet
Alice – Walking upstairs with both legs equally
Matthew – Eat his own meals with help by always holding spoon and fork
Sebastian – Walking with ladder or walker across the room – managing his own feet
Isla – Writing her name independently
Eleanor – Perform 3 verses of the Highwayman
Harry – Pincher grip
Maia – Working on the ‘s’ sound – aim to learn 5-10 words with the ‘s’ sound
Oisín – Taking socks off and kicking a ball
Kitty – Learn ‘head, shoulders, knees, and toes’ actions (see Kitty’s donations page and her gorgeous practice video:  

What will you do?