Richard Whitehead MBE to speak at national Conductive Education Conference

[mp_row] [mp_span col=”12″] ‘Marathon champ’ to speak at national Conductive Education [CE] conference in Nottingham. School for Parents is delighted to introduce World Record holder and current Paralympic and World Champion, Richard [...]


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‘Marathon champ’ to speak at national Conductive Education [CE] conference in Nottingham.

School for Parents is delighted to introduce World Record holder and current Paralympic and World Champion, Richard Whitehead MBE as a plenary speaker at the 13th national Conductive Education conference on Saturday 12 May 2018 at the Park Inn, Nottingham.


The British athlete and double leg amputee is a firm believer in accepting who you are and making the most of it. He believes in living life without limits, leading him to become one of the world’s best sprinters, so who better to open a conference for practitioners and families with the same philosophy! Richard’s plenary speech is set to inspire and motivate, and we can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

Nathalie Bailey-Flitter, School for Parents Manager, said – “We are absolutely thrilled that Richard Whitehead has agreed to be the keynote speaker at our forthcoming CEPEG Conference here in Nottingham. Conductive Education seeks to empower and enable individuals to achieve their goals. Richard is an excellent & fitting ambassador for this ethos!”

Book now. Details of other excellent, inspirational contributors, breakout sessions and exhibitors will be announced soon.

To book, please email us at

Saturday 12 May – Registration from 8.30am.start 9.30am. Close 4.30pm.
Tickets – £80, with a 10% reduction for PCA members.
CE students, parents and family members – £25.
Exhibitors – £60 (includes table and lunch. Additional exhibitor attendees – £25 (to cover catering costs).


Notes to editor:

For details of the conference, please contact – Nathalie Bailey-Flitter at School for Parents

CEPEG Conductive Education Conference – CEPEG is an acronym for Conductive Education Professional Education Group (CEPEG) and Professional Conductors Association (PCA UK)
The CEPEG conference is an annual event bringing together professionals and others with interest in Conductive Education [CE]. The event is co-hosted by a member organisation, and the 2018 co-host is School for Parents.

School for Parents We are a Nottingham-based charity that supports babies and preschool children with conditions such as cerebral palsy that cause motor disorders or motor development delay. We also run specialist projects to help children with Down’s syndrome improve their communication skills.

Conductive Education in Nottingham The basis of our work is inspired by the principles and practices of Conductive Education, developed by the Hungarian physician Dr Andras Petö. It’s a learning system that enables disabled children and adults to become more independent. Conductive Education has been in use in the UK for almost 30 years, and there is an increasing number of qualified Conductor Teachers working across the country. It is not a ‘therapy’ or ‘treatment’, but a method of teaching practical ways to manage the additional challenges that accompany a disability. However, our starting point is always what a child can achieve, not the barriers they face. We involve family members in all our education sessions as we believe this improves the outcomes for the child.

The approach Conductive Education places the parent firmly at the forefront of their child’s education, fostering a positive child/parent relationship and allowing professionals to work alongside parents as partners, encouraging their natural ability to aid their child’s development. Conductive Education awakens and stimulates a child’s self-awareness, and their capacity to play and enjoy life, despite their learning challenges. By working together, both parent and child will share this unique learning experience.

We encourage parents to continue their child’s learning at home, using strategies introduced in our teaching sessions, to get the best results from Conductive Education

The aims of Conductive Education
To teach a normal way of life
To nurture a positive outlook and an ability to solve problems and overcome challenges
To help children achieve greater independence and fulfil their potential

Key benefits

Gives the child the motivation to find ways of functioning – develops a ‘can do’ attitude
Enables the child to work alongside others with similar impairments
A comprehensive approach that covers physical, social, cognitive, and personal development
A positive system that focuses on what the individual child can achieve
Contributes to establishing a daily routine for the child and expects active participation at an age-appropriate level.