Team Footprints is setting the pace.

A few members of our staff team (and some of our parents too) are people who like to run, so it’s unsurprising that running is coming up in our events [...]

A few members of our staff team (and some of our parents too) are people who like to run, so it’s unsurprising that running is coming up in our events calendar. Our new name is quickly catching on with lots of people wanting to leave their fundraising footprint! 




Family Lucky Dip Run at Arnot Hill Park – For anyone who would like to try a 2K, 5K or even a 10K run, there’s the Family Lucky Dip Run at Arnot Hill Park on Thursday 30 August 2018– see the Facebook event page for details. Supported by Virtual Runner it’s £5 pp entry and everyone receives a medal! Email 

The Robin Hood Half Marathon is always great fun, so please, would you consider leaving your #footprint on the streets of Nottingham to support our small charity?

Signed up for our Robin Hood five charity places on 30 September 2018, each runner faces a tough challenge.

  1. James Jones
  2. Deb Daly
  3. Karen Richards
  4. Abi Sharpe
  5. Clare Heathcote

Running independently and supporting Footprints (there’s room for more!):

  1. Laura Shaw
  2. Kate Tew
  3. Dave Taylor

Want a really cool runners medal? Sign up here!

Sign up to do April’s Virtual Runner London 5K 2019, receive a unique medal and get to feel amazing too. The sign-up fee is £12.50, and 20% of the fee is donated to Footprints!  Places are limited for this run, so sign up now. If you haven’t heard of it before, Virtual Runner is precisely that – you sign up to a race (run or walk) and do it at your own pace in your own time, wherever you live (send in proof via an app or sign off from race marshalls). If you’re setting yourself a challenge, why not encourage friends and family to join you, or get a few sponsors?


Abi is one of our Robin Hood Half Marathon runners, and has one of the five charity places.

Well, where do I start? I am genuinely scared to do this; I’ve never taken part in any type of race before, so this is massive for me. Over the past two years, I have worked hard to lose five stones in weight, and in doing so, I have found a love of fitness, especially running – I never thought I would say it and it has changed my life.  I’m struggling, but I’m going to give it a good try. I might even surprise myself!! These next few months will be tough, so I hope you will support me along that journey. I’m doing it for Footprints who do great work supporting children from 6 months to 12 years with disabilities. These children struggle and fight every day to achieve all the little things you and I may take for granted, and I believe if they can take on those challenges this is the least I can do to support them.  I have an understanding of what some of these families might be going through, and how they might be feeling having seen my son Harry struggle with his heart condition and his Dyspraxia, and the worry this brings me every day as his mum.



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