Board of Trustees

Initially, our Board consisted entirely of parents whose children attended our service. However, over time, the Board has diversified. It now includes eight people from varying backgrounds (all volunteers) who work together to support our activities, manage our finances and influence the charity’s direction. Our Trustees are Becki Brooksbank (Chair, Treasurer), Nic Jepson, Carole Luckwell, Richard Andrews (Vice Chair), Jenny Byrne (parent), Rob Evans, David Allum (parent) and Martin Critchley (appointed November 2022).

Our Patron and ambassadors

With new Patron, Richard Whitehead MBE, Paralympian and President of the newly formed Richard Whitehead Foundation  our ambassadors now include Alison Brooks (formerly our Vice-Chair), Len Simmonds, Caroline Samworth, Lisa Fox, and Sarah Vearnals – all highly motivated, enthusiastic and articulate people, sharing their knowledge, skills, and specialist areas to further the development of Footprints CEC.

United through their involvement, ambassadors help to create positive change in the lives of children with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy and genetic conditions including Down’s syndrome. 

They serve as a focal point and are a ‘knowledge and experience bank’ providing invaluable support to trustees.

Ambassadors are the finest public relations tool we could have!