Board of Trustees

Originally, our Board was made up entirely of parents whose children attended our service. Over time, the Board has diversified and now includes seven people from varying backgrounds (all volunteers) who work together to support our activities, manage our finances and influence the charity’s direction.

Alison Brooks is a clinical negligence solicitor who has been privileged to represent clients with cerebral palsy for over 25 years. After nearly 20 years in London Alison returned to Nottingham to work at Barratts, a specialist personal injury firm. She is past secretary of the United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF) which included work with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Injury and is past Secretary of Headway North West London. Alison was a former governor of Rutland House School and actively involved in fundraising for School for Parents . She is passionate about the care of children with neurological disabilities and enjoys working with local charities, having seen first-hand the importance of funding to support families. She was honoured to accept the invitation to become a trustee and hopes her proactive, sensitive approach will help with her support of School for Parents .
Carole has worked with all age ranges during her 40 years in the teaching profession. For 28 years she was head teacher of a school for children with cerebral palsy. Carole has also served as Head of Education at a school for children with cerebral palsy in London. She is delighted to use her experience and skills to help develop the service for children and parents at FOOTPRINTS CEC.
Nic has spent much of the past three decades working in a development capacity, predominantly in the residential sector. This has involved a variety of work, including site identification and planning; financial appraisals; and project management work. Nic is often involved in identifying a new site and seeing its development through to completion and has built up an extensive network of contacts within the industry. Away from work, you will find Nic on his motorbike, at boot camp training, or watching Manchester City FC.
Jenny has a young daughter with Down’s syndrome. She began attending [School for Parents] after being told about the service by another parent. Inspired by the work of the charity, Jenny applied to become a trustee. Having worked in mainstream education, most recently as a Deputy Head of a local Primary School, Jenny brings a range of skills to advise parents.
Ben is a chartered accountant with over 10 years experience of working with companies across the Midlands area with particular ability in financial planning, management and reporting as well as mergers, acquisitions and banking. Ben began attending School for Parents in 2012 with his son who has Down’s syndrome and was inspired by the positive impact that the weekly sessions have had on his son’s development.
David is the parent of a child with cerebral palsy and, for the past 8 years, has experienced first-hand the services that Footprints School for Parents offers. As a trustee, David brings with him a wealth of business experience as a senior manager and board member from within the IT and Telecommunications industries, in particular within the disciplines of sales and marketing, financial and people leadership.
David is a Collaborative Family Lawyer and Mediator at Hopkins Solicitors. He likes to discuss his favourite things: Nottingham Forest FC, cricket, real ale, good food, wildlife & country walks. He will also discuss music-unless you don’t like Northern Soul, the Small Faces or the Rolling Stones. He loves discussing his wonderful daughter (2008) and son (2012). His daughter had a difficult start-a serious heart problem (thanks to Glenfield/Heartlink for sorting that one out) and Down's syndrome. She got immense help with her pre-school development from Footprints School for Parents and is now spirited, inquisitive, funny, loving, coping with mainstream school and a fabulous reader. David has seen how the charity has helped children to develop, and the hope it gives their parents; that’s why he now strives to get anyone he can to support SfP.

Our Patron and ambassadors

With new Patron, Richard Whitehead MBE  our ambassadors now include Len Simmonds, Jackie Clark, Kryshia Ford-Wilson, Caroline Samworth, Lisa Fox, Dave Taylor, Ben Hicklin, Sally Radford, Becky Sutherland-Sheeran and Karen Richards. All highly motivated, enthusiastic and articulate people able to share some of their knowledge, skills and specialist areas to further the development of FOOTPRINTS CEC.

United through their involvement, ambassadors create positive change in the lives of children with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy and Down’s syndrome, supporting their parents with the knowledge, confidence, and strength they need to understand and support their child’s additional needs.

They serve as a focal point and are a ‘knowledge and experience bank’ providing invaluable support to trustees.

In fact, ambassadors are the finest public relations tool we could have!

Len Simmonds