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How You Can Help

A woman bottle feeding a young girl.

Make a Difference

As a charity Footprints is funded entirely from fundraising, charity and support partners, along with grants and trusts.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who works with and supports us – together we can keep on building a brighter future for children with disabilities and their families across the East Midlands.

We need £5,066 to support one family for one year (on average, it costs £162.39 per child per session) and £30,916 per month is needed to maintain and grow our service.

Our early intervention support allows children who live with disabilities to gain the confidence, essential skills and quality of life that many people take for granted.

Our Bank Details

Footprints Conductive Education Centre
The Co-operative Bank
Sort Code – 08 92 99
Account Number – 65883042

Please include your name for reference so we can track your donation and ensure we thank you.


How Your Donation Will Help


will transform the lives of a parent and child, providing Conductive Education, with practical advice and emotional support, to one of our families for one year

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buys specialist eye gaze technology, allowing children who communicate non verbally
to communicate and express their wants and needs

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pays for a set of parallel bars, allowing our children to practice walking and improve balance


pays for a peanut physio ball, used to develop our childrens’ balance and coordination


will pay for one Conductive Education session for a family

Watch How We Give Families Hope

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Why Your Support Is So Important

Your support really will make a difference - in the past year we supported over 60 children – children and their families living with a range of difficulties, including Cerebral Palsy, Global Development Delay and Down Syndrome.

We know Footprints transforms childrens and families lives. Greater independence, access to mainstream services and making friends depend on day to day activities others take for granted.

Our focus is to develop vital communication and mobility skills and practice daily tasks, such as eating, drinking and going to the toilet, as well as better equipping our children to go to school and take part in social activities.

Our own research with our families told us that by coming to Footprints -

  • 96% felt their child had increased levels of movement skills

  • 97% felt their child had increased levels of coordination skills 

  • 94% felt their child’s ability to understand others had improved

  • 90% felt their child’s ability to communicate and make themselves understand had improved

  • 100% felt their child had increased levels of engagement

  • And 94% felt their child had increased levels of self-motivation