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Beth's Blog - Transitioning to School


It was a lot easier the first time around.

I picked a school and hoped she'd get in.

There was no drama or hoops to jump through in advance.

It was sad to hand her over to the teacher, but once we'd got over that, it was done. School started.

When you're child has additional needs the process is so much more complicated and filled with emotion and worry.

SEN or mainstream? The distance of SEN schools and the worry about whether you've chosen correctly. Sorting EHCPs, making sure the right people are providing support, sorting equipment, illnesses, appointments, worrying about your child making friends because they are unique, worrying about bullying, worrying about what they will be able to, worrying if they will be happy and worrying they'll get the right support to reach their potential when you've been working so hard to do that yourself for the last 4 years.

Everyone has their reasons for the choice and they do what they think is right for their child and family.

We chose a mainstream school. We wanted our children to go to the same school in a school that was close by. We wanted inclusion and not separation. We wanted Jesse to be able to see other children and hopefully be encouraged and spured on by those children. We also wanted Jesse to have a 1 to 1 which can't be guaranteed in a SEN school.

The run up to starting school wasn't smooth. There were issues with EHCPs, equipment and the Local Authority.

Starting school was hard for the first few weeks. Jesse was recovering from illness, he was quite upset to be left and he was tired and wouldn't eat. It was upsetting to leave him upset and I really worried about him fitting in, being the child that cried and was 'different'.

But 5 weeks on and I know we've made the right choice. He is eating at school and not crying. He is included and being well educated. He has a wonderful teacher, TA and team in reception and the wider school who support and care for him. He has lots of friends who have told me they miss him over the weekend and that they love him.

He is enjoying school now and is happy, which is all we ever wanted.

Beth x

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