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As a small, independent charity, Footprints Conductive Education Centre relies almost entirely on the generosity of individuals and businesses to keep supporting disabled children and their families in the Nottinghamshire area.

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As a small charity with limited resources we struggle to organise many big fundraising events, so we are delighted when people host events on our behalf! Our annual Ball is always entertaining, and we‘re grateful to our amazing team of volunteers who are always ready to lend a hand. This year’s Superheroes Ball on 18 May was great fun!

Dates for your diary!

For all event details, please email [email protected] 

Little Footprints Ball supporting Footprints CEC

Friday, 6 November 2020 at 19:30 (more details TBA)
Crowne Plaza Nottingham
Wollaton Street, NG1 5RH Nottingham, United Kingdom
You are invited by Lisa Fox

Do you know anyone who may be interested in sponsoring the Little Footprints ball this year?
If you are interested or you know a company who might be, please email Lisa at [email protected]

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Why your support is so important

You can give a family hope – £3,315 funds one family for one year (the actual cost per child, per session, is £85 – we ask families to make a small contribution of £10 towards the cost of the session).

In the past year, we helped 81 children – children experiencing a range of impairments including cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, Rett syndrome, Angelman syndrome and global development delay. Despite the considerable financial challenges faced (by many small charities), we are immensely proud that more than 90% of our pre-school children who moved on to school ‘graduated’ to mainstream education.

A high number of services – statutory and voluntary – help children progress, and we passionately believe that Footprints CEC also makes a significant contribution. Greater independence, access to mainstream services and making friends depends on being able to do the day-to-day activities others take for granted. Our focus on developing vital communication and movement skills, and practising daily tasks such as eating, drinking, going to the toilet and seeking help, better equips children to go to school, attend appointments and take part in social activities.

We systematically analysed parental evaluations and professional assessments to better understand the impact of our pre-school service as a whole.

Our results showed:

  • 91% of children supported developed better movement and coordination skills
  • 86% grew in self-confidence
  • 90% achieved their individual goals

You can take from me that this tiny place genuinely and fundamentally changes the lives of these special little children and the lives of their parents – I know this because it’s changed our lives and I’ve seen it change others too. Some parents are without hope before they find FOOTPRINTS.” Parent

We must raise a minimum of £17,000 a month to provide our Conductive Education and support services. Our early intervention support gives disabled children the opportunity to gain the confidence, essential skills and quality of life that many non-disabled people take for granted.

Your support really will make a difference. Please donate now to help us help disabled children achieve their potential.

Please read what our parents have to say about how our work changes the lives of children with additional needs for the better (and their parents too).

How your donation will help

  • £3,300 will transform the lives of parent and child, giving practical advice and emotional support to one of our families for one year
  • £1,000 will purchase low and high technology communication aids and sensory toys
  • £500 will provide new supplies of books to support our specialised pre-reading and writing skills work
  • £100 purchase materials for our topics each term: colours, the weather, where people work, things that move.
  • £85 will give a parent hope by providing a single parent and child session for one of our new families
  • £25 buys a supply of bubbles, chewy tubes and other equipment to help with our speech therapy project for children with Down’s syndrome.

There are lots of other ways you can support us too. Click here to find out more.

Logan’s story told by Danny Dyer for BBC Children in Need