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2020 was an incredibly challenging year for all our families. We hoped 2021 would be a brighter start, but (as with many other charities) we find ourselves facing troubling times. To support all the families that need our help, we must raise at least £200,000.

Our families know loneliness and isolation better than most, but this feeling has heightened beyond words during lockdowns and restrictions. They have had to cope with their children’s constant needs with little or no support for the best part of a year now.

In 2020 we did as much as we could and offered virtual sessions and phone calls. We all know that virtual is no replacement for actual contact though. A zoom class doesn’t give the physical contact a child needs to progress, and a phone call is no replacement for a hug.

We had to move our fundraising online in 2020, and the previous #keepfootprintsafloat campaign was so well supported. We are incredibly grateful to all those who set up pages and donated – you did indeed keep Footprints afloat!

Sadly, in 2021 we see our fundraising remaining online, and we now need help to Fund Footprints Future. We still don’t know when we can organise live events to generate income and bring people back together. Our destiny remains uncertain unless we continue to secure fundraising from our amazing supporters.

If you can help with #FundingFootprintsFuture, we will be forever grateful.

Thank you from us all at Footprints.








Join in our Baton Relay during the weekend of 30 April as part of the ‘Captain Tom 100’!

  • 100 places for a baton relay around Nottingham.
  • £10 per household to enter, and participants are encouraged to gain sponsors for their part.
  • We will be taking photos along the route.
  • They will be given their part of the route and time to do it before the 30th April and need to be available to take part that weekend (if their route and time doesn’t work, we can be flexible).
  • Participants are encouraged to run, skip, hop, walk three-legged etc. to the next drop off or wear fancy dress to get sponsorship. Or, if they’re driving, decorate their car.
  • Finish the route at Footprints with a ribbon finish and maybe some biodegradable confetti!
  • Sign up by 23 April and start collecting sponsors.
  • The baton will be passed between Friday 30th April and Monday 3rd May (so some people may have it overnight)
  • All people taking part to get a Footprints pin badge.
  • The baton will be something a bit crazy and fun!
  • Contact to register.




























Coming up on Sunday 4 July 2021 …

It’s the Footprints Cup being played at Ilkeston Town FC!

With ex-professional footballers being announced daily including Marlon Harewood, Kelvin Wilson, Paddy Kenny …

Celebrity soap stars, and some great local talent too.

A fantastic, fun day out for the family. Organised by Paul Brooks and friends to support Footprints CEC.

Get your tickets online and be in with a chance to win an Amazon Echo – £5 adult, £1 over 10s, under 10s FREE














The Footprints 2021 Family Challenge kicks off during international Conductive Education Awareness Week – 15 to 21 March 2021 (also including Down’s syndrome awareness week). We can’t wait to see all our incredible achievers! See more information here

Here’s Matthew – aged six, Matthew’s challenge is to learn how to feed himself – Mum, Lucie said “Day one of Matthew feeding himself (with help loading the spoon and guiding into his mouth). Very messy, and he only let me help him with a few spoonfuls. Let’s hope by end of March he’ll be less messy and much more willing.









#FamilyChallenge21  #ConductiveEducation  #thesekidsCAN



















URGENT request for support – As a small, independent charity, Footprints Conductive Education Centre relies almost entirely on the generosity of individuals and businesses (as well as Grants and Trusts funding) to support disabled children and their families in the Nottinghamshire area.

All other services have been stopped, so we have no input from professionals who used to support my son. Footprints is a vital part of our lives.

Please help us to continue providing our vital service during this critical time. During closure, we’re extending our work to offer support for families at home (taken up by 100% of families), our overheads remain the same, and fundraising opportunities are minimal. Our planned events are cancelled, resulting in a significant drop in income

Funding will allow us to sustain the delivery of some of our core services via an online platform. The majority of our families now find they have become their child’s teacher, nurse, physio, speech therapist, sole carer and parent.

We must KEEP FOOTPRINTS AFLOAT – please, CLICK HERE, and donate whatever you can.

The 2.6 Challenge on 26 April has so far raised an astonishing £12,000+ for Footprints. Click here to see our challengers!

Or scroll down to see all our ‘Home Heroes’ – a mix of #KeepFootprintsAfloat fundraising and #twopointsixchallenge

Martin’s 28 peaks in 28 weeks challenge 

My daughter Millie came into the world extremely early and was born at 28 weeks gestation. I nearly lost both Millie and my wife, Laura. I am climbing 28 peaks in 28 weeks for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because they change and improve children’s lives.

Jack’s 2.6 km Dinosaur Walk
2-year-old Jack will be making footprints of his own for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because he would like to keep Footprints Afloat.

Laurence’s Lockdown Laps
Aged 6. I am running 20 laps of my garden every day for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because they look after people who need extra special help


Joseph and Les 2.6 Challenge
Joseph & dad, Les, are cycling 26k on their tandem for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because they deserve & need our financial support

Elsies 26 steps challenge
I am going to complete 26 steps for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because they helped me take my first ever steps!

Nathalie, Lizzy, Hugo & Gideon’s 2.6 minutes “Chesney” Challenge

ANDREA’s 2.6 Challenge
I am doing 26,000 steps for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because The small charities need support to survive

Naomi’s Daniels 26 step challenge
Daniel is going to take 26 steps for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because Footprints have helped us to get to where we are.

Emma-Jane’s 2.6 Challenge
I’m going to embarrass myself for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because they really need our support

Joe’s Kick Up – Footprints 2.6 Challenge for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because of the fantastic service they offer to families

Lucie’s 2.6 Challenge – Thriller!
I am going to learn the Thriller dance for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because I want to do something to help save Footprints!

Abbey&Fred splash and dash 2.6 challenge for Footprints CEC
Abbey&Fred splash and dash challenge for Footprints Conductive Education Centre to #keepfootprintsafloat

Nic’s 2.6 Challenge – Sod the Pacemaker! I’m walking for 2.6 hours including a 2.6 mile run for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because the children need the charity’s services. Simple.

Kirsty’s 2.6 Challenge
Walking 26 miles as a family between 26/04 – 3/05 for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because they are in desperate need of funds

Emma’s 2.6 Challenge
I am going to walk 26.2 miles in the next 2 weeks. for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because they are a necessity to Robin’s progression.

Prinn Family and Friends 2.6 Challenge
We are each doing a 2.6 challenge to raise funds for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because it’s a very special place that needs our help.

Chris’s 2.6 Challenge
I am going to be doing a 26-mile bike ride for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because they are an amazing charity close to our hearts!

Joseph & Harrys 2.6 Challenge
Harry’s 26 laps and Joseph’s sour-sweet dice roll for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because we want to see them continue to help others

Ali’s #2.6 challenge Quiz Thursday 7th May.
Quiz night to raise money for Footprints Conductive Education Centre because they support children with special needs


We are facing a hugely challenging and unprecedented situation that is unfolding daily.  As the situation develops, my concern grows for the future of Footprints and our ability to raise funds and remain sustainable. Knowing we are not alone in this, offers some comfort but we exist to enable children with neurodisability to reach their potential. It is devastating not to be able to deliver a service that is a lifeline to these children and their families.



Parents’ isolation and anxiety is real and Footprints is often their main source of support.

  • This is by far the most valuable service we access all week”
  • “It’s not just the input for the children we will miss but the interaction with other parents”
  • “Are you able to give us any tasks to work on at home, we are a bit lost already and it seems such a long time (to be without the service).”

We must raise a minimum of £17,000 a month to provide our Conductive Education and support services. Our early intervention support allows disabled children to gain the confidence, essential skills and quality of life that many non-disabled people take for granted.

Your support really will make a difference. Please donate now to help us help disabled children achieve their potential. Or set up a Standing Order and gift us a monthly amount:

Our bank details:

Footprints Conductive Education Centre

The Co-operative Bank

Sort Code – 08 92 99

Account Number – 65883042

Please include your name for reference

How your donation will help

  • £3,400 will transform the lives of parent and child, giving practical advice and emotional support to one of our families for one year
  • £1,000 will purchase low and high technology communication aids and sensory toys
  • £500 will provide new supplies of books to support our specialised pre-reading and writing skills work
  • £100 will pay for one session for a family
  • £25 buys a supply of bubbles, chewy tubes and other equipment to help with our speech therapy project for children with Down’s syndrome

Download our fundraising pack:

Join in our events

As a small charity with limited resources, we struggle to organise many large fundraising events, so we are delighted when people host events on our behalf!

Dates for your diary!  For all event details, please email 


Why your support is so important

You can give a family hope. 

In the past year, we helped 81 children – children experiencing a range of impairments including cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, Rett syndrome, Angelman syndrome and global development delay. Despite the considerable financial challenges faced (by many small charities), we are immensely proud that more than 90% of our pre-school children who moved on to school ‘graduated’ to mainstream education.

A high number of services – statutory and voluntary – help children progress, and we passionately believe that Footprints CEC also makes a significant contribution. Greater independence, access to mainstream services, and making friends depends on being able to do the day-to-day activities others take for granted. Our focus on developing vital communication and movement skills, and practising daily tasks such as eating, drinking, going to the toilet and seeking help, better equips children to go to school, attend appointments and take part in social activities.

We systematically analysed parental evaluations and professional assessments to understand better the impact of our pre-school service as a whole.

Our results showed:

  • 91% of children supported developed better movement and coordination skills
  • 86% grew in self-confidence
  • 90% achieved their individual goals

“You can take from me that this tiny place genuinely and fundamentally changes the lives of these special little children and the lives of their parents – I know this because it’s changed our lives and I’ve seen it change others too. Some parents are without hope before they find Footprints.” Parent

There are lots of other ways you can support us. Click here to find out more.

See Logan’s story as told by Danny Dyer for BBC Children in Need