Conductive Education

Conductive Education in Nottingham

At Footprints CEC, the basis of our work is inspired by the principles and practices of Conductive Education, developed by the Hungarian physician Dr Andras Petö. Conductive Education (CE) is a holistic, integrated pedagogical/educational system, which enables people with damage to the central nervous system to learn to overcome the challenges they face. It’s a learning system that allows disabled children and adults to become more independent. Conductive Education has been in use in the UK for more than 30 years, and there is an increasing number of qualified Conductor Teachers working across the country.

The approach

Conductive Education places the parent firmly at the forefront of their child’s education, fostering a positive child/parent relationship and allowing professionals to work alongside parents as partners, encouraging their natural ability to aid their child’s development.

Conductive Education awakens and stimulates a child’s self-awareness and capacity to play and enjoy life, despite their learning challenges. By working together, both parent and child share this unique learning experience. To get the best results from Conductive Education, we encourage parents to continue their child’s learning at home, using strategies introduced in our teaching sessions.



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The aims of  Conductive Education

  • To teach a normal way of life
  • To nurture a positive outlook and the ability to solve problems and overcome challenges
  • To help children achieve greater independence and fulfil their potential.

Key benefits

  • It gives the child the motivation to find ways of functioning – develops a can-do attitude
  • Enables the child to work alongside others with similar impairments
  • A comprehensive approach that covers physical, social, cognitive, and personal development
  • A positive system that focuses on what the individual child can achieve
  • Contributes to establishing a daily routine for the child and expects active participation at an age-appropriate level